Wall Street Games History

Mark Brookshire

Mark T. Brookshire is the CEO and owner of Wall Street Games. Mark has been designing educational and entertaining stock market games and contests since 1990 when he developed Stock-Trak Global Portfolio Simulations.

Stock-Trak was the first web based stock market simulation for college students and was launched in 1996. StockTrak.com allows college students to manage a virtual portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, options, and futures. From this first virtual trading site, the Stock-Trak, Inc. has grown to become the global leader in virtual trading applications.

From that original virtual trading application for college finance students, Mark expanded and adapted the platform to develop over 100 high school versions and corporate white-label versions.

Custom Stock Market Game Clients

Developing and implementing a virtual trading application is more difficult then it sounds. First the core goal of the virtual trading application must be clearly identified, and then the pre/post launch marketing plans must be strategically coordinated with the right trading variables (length of trading period, commission structure, prizes, etc) to insure the project's success. Finally, the preparation for the unknown (server loads, hackers, cheaters) is equally important to avoid the embarrassment of rankings showing impossible returns or the dreaded "Server busy" screens.

Some of the many clients included the companies listed on the left. These stock market and/or financial simulations can be used for a variety of purposes including employee education, customer acquisition/retention, and product launch and branding. If you are considering launching a virtual stock trading application for your company or your website, you first need to call Wall Street Games, Inc. Please review some of the highlights below...

StockTrak.com image


Site launch: 1996

The most popular educational stock market simulation for college students worldwide. Used by over 1,100 professors and 60,000 college students in over 30 countries each year, StockTrak.com allows professors to customize trading parameters for their class and allows students to trade a virtual portfolio of stocks, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, futures options, and spot contracts from over 20 of the world's exchanges. Students are ranked against their classmates by both portfolio values and by risk-adjusted returns to further emphasize the educational value. Many students report that using StockTrak.com in their college Investment class was the most memorable and beneficial exercise in their entire college career.

National SMS home page

NationalSMS.com for National Stock Market Simulation

Site launch: 1998

The National SMS (Stock Market Simulation) was designed as a high school version of StockTrak.com. The National SMS and its related sites are used by thousands of teachers and their students each year. These sites allow middle and high school students in their math and economics classes to manage a virtual portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The SMS brand was the first high school oriented site to include bonds and mutual funds. It was also the first site to force diversification of student portfolios by setting a position limit. It was also the first high school oriented site to include limit and stop orders.

Wall Street Survivor Home Page


Site Launch: 2007

Wall Street Survivor was the first site to feature real-time bid/ask trading, streaming portfolios and rankings, user profiles, blogs, and trade diaries. Since it's launch in 2007, over 600,000 individuals have registered for this free site.


Site Launch: 2004

This website was created in 2004 to help people understand how the stock market works. The site quickly became popular because of its ease to use, and it was one of the first FREE sites to allow teachers/professors/groups to create their own trading dates, initial cash balance, and other trading parameters. HowTheMarketWorks.com has been used by over 500,000 individuals since its launch and continues to be a fast growing site.

Latest Project

Virtual Trading Site

KBC Securities in Hungary and Poland will be releasing Stock Challenge sites for college students in their respective countries. These sites will be multi-lingual and will have a new look and feel. They will also feature a more integrated Learn Center to help students fully understand the concepts of the stock market and stock trading. These sites also feature integration of the Budapest and the Warsaw Stock Exchange feeds. See KBC University Stock Challenge web site.

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